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When it comes to buying property, the right choice is everything. As the single biggest financial decision most of us ever make, your property move can dictate how you live your life for years – if not decades. We scour both on and off-market properties to get you first access to the best properties in your price range and help you buy your dream home for less. Backed by decades of experience, our team of dedicated buyer advocates are here to help you navigate your purchase like an expert, so you can make your Great Australian Dream a reality.

Every buyer needs backup

In today’s property market, everyone knows the value of having an experienced professional on your side. If you’re selling a home, you get a real estate agent, but if you’re buying a home, suddenly you have to manage the whole process on your own!

Introducing Ian Reid Buyer Advocates, providing real expertise on real estate for home buyers and investors. We help you source the right properties for your life plans, make sense of every little detail, and negotiate the best deals against the sharks of the industry that make this such a notoriously cutthroat business. The decisions you make when buying real estate can significantly impact your wellbeing, both personally and financially, for the rest of your life. You deserve to have an independent expert on your side to help you achieve the best outcome.


12 Proven Strategies To Buy Your Dream Home For Less

Buyers are almost always alone in their buying journey, so all too often we see them desperate for some guidance on how to navigate the property market. And who can blame them? Most people buy property only a few times in their entire lives. That’s why we made this free booklet of 12 Winning Buyer Strategies to help them make decisions they can be satisfied with for years. Get your copy and follow it step by step – it just might make the difference between getting your dream home or getting stuck in a nightmare.

Ian Reid Buyer Advocates Is Perfect For You If You Want…

A professional to bid at auction or negotiate for you

Access to “off-market” properties

Someone to inspect and appraise properties for you, or off-the-plan advice.

To relocate from overseas, interstate, or out of area

A development site for your next project

Guidance on the best investment property to purchase

We offer a flat fee business model, and most importantly we are totally independent.

With you all the way

Ian Reid Buyer Advocates offers expert guidance and advice for every stage of the buying journey, from the moment you dream about a new home to the moment you have the keys in your hand.

Our 5-Stage Buying Process


Discover & Plan

We first get to know you with our Buyer Brief. This questionnaire helps us understand your needs and motivations in buying property, whether it’s for growing families, downsizing, investment or anything in between. We need to know what’s important to you so we can start assessing recently sold properties and give you confidence that your dream home exists. With that in hand, we develop a priority target list of types of homes, locations and criteria that are most likely to satisfy you, your plans and your budget both now and into the future.


Source & Recommend

We scour the market for properties that fit your criteria. This includes off-market properties, which constitutes about 40% of the homes we secure for our clients, greatly expanding your options and reducing your buyer competition. We really put the work in, prospecting your target area(s) for direct to vendor purchases and leveraging our agent relationships to get priority access to off-market and pre-market listings. We remain by your side assessing each and every property for desirability and affordability and constantly working our agent network for discount opportunities such as high vendor motivation, extended time on market, etc.


Inspect & Analyse

We inspect the properties for you. We know all the right questions to ask, all the information you should never give away, and we’re often the first buyers through the property. From these inspections we provide a thorough assessment of each property, rating criteria from floorplan and build quality through to orientation, location and more. These ratings decide a shortlist of homes that are worth your time. We work with a reliable team of experts conducting all the necessary due diligence such as building and pest inspectors, solicitors, town planners, surveyors, architects and more. We then invite you for your own inspection, and provide a detailed analysis of the property including data on sales history, proven capital appreciation, market value estimate and rental assessment if required. You will know everything there is to know about your shortlist.


Strategise and Negotiate

We love this part. Most buyers are too emotionally invested to make rational decisions in the negotiation phase but our Buyer Advocates are seasoned negotiators who know when it’s time to play it aggressively and when we should be a bit more coy.

From all the information we’ve gathered, our extensive source of contacts and our decades of experience, we’ll have the game plan mapped out to give you the upper hand. Our skills in the arena are fully devoted to getting you the absolute best price and settlement terms.


Support And Settlement

Once the contracts are drawn up and signed, we connect with your solicitor to ensure a smooth settlement. We personally organise and attend the final inspection to check the property is in the same condition as it was when you bought it. And for our investment clients, we’ll provide recommendations on the best leasing agent and coordinate advertising to see that your property is occupied and earning as soon as possible. Finally, we’ll provide annual performance reports on properties in your area so you know what’s happening with your property.

We’ll Find 4 Off-Market Properties Or Pay you $4000

Work out a Buyer Brief with us, and and we will introduce you to four off market properties that fit your brief within 45 days, or we will pay you $4000! That’s us putting our money where our mouth is. ‘Off Market Access’ Guarantee terms and conditions apply, so book your free consultation and ask about our ‘Off-Market Access’ Guarantee.

Looking To Buy An Investment property?

We know the best investment is the one that suits your needs. If you’re looking to invest in real estate, we can match the right properties with you depending on your future plans, appetite for risk and effort, and your ideal future returns. What kind of investment property is perfect for you?

The All Rounder

Looking for a well-located property that prioritises proven capital growth that has outperformed the Melbourne average? All Rounder properties not only appreciate well in price because of their broad appeal to owner occupiers, but they also enjoy high rental demand and low vacancy. This means you’ll never have to worry about an extended period without a rental income.

The Improver

Looking to accelerate equity in your investment property without needing to wait for the market to go up? Improver properties have largely the same investment fundaments as the All Rounder but require some renovations to help the property reach its potential. For those who know how, bringing out its true value is easy. For those who don’t, we can offer guidance.

The Creator

Looking to manufacture capital growth by maximising a property’s potential through subdivision? There are a range of options for Creators; subdivide and sell, build and sell, or build and hold some, or all. Substantially more time, effort and funding is required to undertake any of these options, however the potential return on investment is often unmatched for those who execute them well.

The Cash Balancer

Looking to prioritise higher rental yield? Maybe you’re at a stage in life where reliable rental income and passive earnings is the most important factor? Or your property portfolio might be asset rich, but cash poor? Cash Balancers give you the injection of funds required with higher rental yields, but be aware that this often comes at the expense of higher capital growth. Lower priced residential, regional and some commercial properties suit Cash Balancers well.

The ‘Plan For Later’

Do you plan to buy a holiday home in the future? Maybe downsize to something smaller in retirement? Or one day knock over an old home and build new? These are all scenarios where buying your future property now as an investment makes a huge amount of sense. A lot of cost savings can be achieved by buying an investment property that you plan to use later as an owner-occupied residence. You secure the home at today’s price, benefit from rental income and capital appreciation, while paying down the mortgage and then have substantially more equity in the home by the time you move in.

Here’s what our clients have to say

Homebuyers all over Melbourne have found their dream property and gotten it for less with Ian Reid Buyer Advocates by their side.

I had chosen a house but was unsure about whether or how much to offer pre auction. As soon as i contacted Chris he talked me through the process of auction. He talked to the vendor agent and got the skinny on the competition. He arranged the building inspection, got a deal on the contract so i only had to pay 5% deposit. When I was trying to work out how much to pay he listened while I babbled and talked me through how to think rationally about it. I was so nervous I would have been a mess at the bidding. I didn’t go to the actual auction but sent my sister to observe. Chris slowed the bidding down and got it for me. He’s followed up with contacting the agent about some concerns I had and is still giving me advice about what I need to get in place pre settlement. Chris took so much of the stress from the nerve wracking process of house buying. Thank you so much Chris . Definitely, definitely worth every cent



Bentleigh East

Claire was absolutely amazing throughout the whole process. We had previously been looking for approximately 18 months and due to time constraints could not keep up the search ourselves. We engaged Ian Reid Buyers Advocates and Claire made the whole process seamless and kept us up to date during the entire journey to buy our house.



Watsonia North

Sue Woollard helped us achieve an excellent result at auction, we could not be happier. With a difficult lead up to the sale, Sue was there for us every step of the way, providing guidance and support. She took the time to explain the detail of each step, introducing us to an excellent agent and being there for us 7 days a week. We could not recommend Ian Reid, and Sue in particular any higher – when we sell or buy again, Sue will be the first person we contact.



Altona Meadows

Have to hand it to this team – from day one when we got them engaged and we saddled up with Simon Watkin for a sprint to the finish on buying a property – right through to when we were at the last stages of the deal.

In summary, Simon helped us get a deal done within a 5 day window.

From the outset Simon set the game plan out very clearly – understood our position, the nature of the property in question, the transaction requirements and then, set the key steps to formulating the basis for decisions and the path forward: including his liaison with the vendor’s agent.

Communication was excellent throughout, as was timeliness to attending to the site visit at short notice and liaison with us during the entire process (including the bid date admin/support).

We highly recommend the peace of mind we gained from Simon’s support and commitment…. very personal and professional!


Clive & Tracey



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Want to know more? Check our FAQs

Who is Ian Reid?

Ian Reid started Ian Reid Real Estate in 1983 and quickly became a leader in Melbourne’s real estate industry. Today, Ian Reid Advocates is led by his son, Ben Reid, and continues to be a leader in the industry with a team of high performing real estate experts guiding both vendors and buyers with world class advocacy services.

I’m planning to move to Melbourne from interstate/overseas. Can you help?

We have expert knowledge of Victoria’s entire property market, so we’re more than equipped to help everyone from owner-occupiers to property investors. From our extensive experience in the market, we’ve seen it all and always bring highly customised solutions to suit your situation.

What if I’m also looking to sell?

Then you’re in luck! Naturally, many people who are thinking about selling are also thinking about buying another property. That’s why we also offer buyer advocacy services, driven by the same level of property expertise that you’ll find in our vendor advocacy. If you’re looking to buy property a better way, have a look at Ian Reid Buyer Advocates.